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FinanceAgri emerges as a leading commodity IT company delivering real time decisive commodity information to the Agro-industry. Capitalizing on a decade of proven industrial experience leveraging the latest innovative and creative technologies, FinanceAgri provides critical content through customizable trading tools and a reputable customer service.



📌🌄#MorningBriefing - #US markets slightly higher this morning on Globex. #Wheat dropped once more, technical considerations amplifying the pressure after Tuesday’s deceiving export inspections. #Soybeans and #corn remained stable while awaiting the #USDA acreage report.

📌🌄#MorningBriefing - #US markets slightly higher this morning on Globex. The markets closed lower. Deceiving export inspections triggered a series of sales in #wheat contracts, pushing them to new lows. #Soybeans and #corn closed lower while awaiting the #USDA acreage report.

#MorningBriefing-US markets stable this morning on Globex .Yesterday was President Day’s holiday. Friday, soybeans closed slightly higher amid a certain optimism surrounding the US/China trade talks. Wheat lost some ground on technical considerations while corn closed unchanged.

📌🌄#MorningBriefing - The #USDA confirmed yesterday the sale of 3mT of #soybeans to #China. After last week’s talks in Washington, China committed to buying 5mT of US origins. #Wheat and #corn closed slightly higher. The markets are awaiting Friday’s #WASDE report.

📌🌄#MorningBriefing-#Wheat slightly higher this morning on Globex. Wheat closed slightly lower on Friday after having reached a 5 weeks high on Thursday. D. Trump announced the reopening of governmental agencies after the longest #shutdown in US history. Next #WASDE 8th of Feb.

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FinanceAgri helps improve your market-awareness thanks to regular technical reports.
For nearly a decade, our daily technical analysis have been helping market players in making their everyday strategic decisions… [Read more]

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