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FinanceAgri emerges as a leading commodity IT company delivering real time decisive commodity information to the Agro-industry. Capitalizing on a decade of proven industrial experience leveraging the latest innovative and creative technologies, FinanceAgri provides critical content through customizable trading tools and a reputable customer service.



Workshop @CACEIS et @euronext_fr Nouveaux outils de couverture pour le marché du blé dur au siège Crédit Agricole di Parma @CA_Ita

#MorningBriefing - All contracts closed higher on Globex. The #USDA Crop Progress report released yesterday after market close showed even higher than expected planting delays for #corn and #soybeans while winter #wheat crop rating dropped 5% from a week earlier.

#MorningBriefing - All contracts trade higher this morning on Globex. Heavy rains forecast in the Midwest and the Plaines for the next 15 days. Risks of further planting delays and damage to the crops pushes prices upward. Today #USDA weekly export sales & crop progress reports.

#MorningBriefing - #Corn consolidated after eight sessions with rising prices due to planting delays. #Soybeans recovered part of yesterday’s losses. #Wheat lost over 1%. #USDA weekly export sales report is today. €/$ stable at 1.1140.

#MorningBriefing - #Corn rallied further on Friday and ended the week on its highs since January. Due to the rain and new planting delays, farmers may switch a huge acreage from corn to this context, #soybeans dropped over 2%. #Wheat remained rather stable

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