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FinanceAgri emerges as a leading commodity IT company delivering real time decisive commodity information to the Agro-industry. Capitalizing on a decade of proven industrial experience leveraging the latest innovative and creative technologies, FinanceAgri provides critical content through customizable trading tools and a reputable customer service.



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#MorningBriefing - US markets closed sharply higher on Friday. Prices rallied as heavy storms in the Midwest may damage the #crops. #Corn and #wheat recovered the losses following Thursday’s #WASDE report. #Soybeans rose over 1%. This morning Corn and soybeans ↗️ wheat ➡️

This year, during the next European #Commodity exchange in #Vienna we will combine our expertise with @euronext @CACEIS @LCH_Clearing @agritelparis. Take the opportunity to visit our booth B16 and discover our complementary activities.

#MorningBriefing - US markets remained rather steady as operators are awaiting the #USDA report and its estimates of US #corn and #soybeans production the 10th of October. Soybeans sales were well above market expectations. Corn and #wheat sales were in line with expectations.

#MorningBriefing - US markets corrected the previous sessions’ rally initiated by the quarterly #USDA stocks and Crop Progress reports. Favorable weather forecast should accelerate harvest during the week. #Wheat rebounds slightly this morning while #corn and #soybeans stable.

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FinanceAgri helps improve your market-awareness thanks to regular technical reports.
For nearly a decade, our daily technical analysis have been helping market players in making their everyday strategic decisions… [Read more]

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