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FinanceAgri emerges as a leading commodity IT company delivering real time decisive commodity information to the Agro-industry. Capitalizing on a decade of proven industrial experience leveraging the latest innovative and creative technologies, FinanceAgri provides critical content through customizable trading tools and a reputable customer service.



Global #soybean trade stats, 2018-19:
▪️Five countries will comprise 95% of total exports
▪️#China will account for 59% of imports (smallest share in 8 years)
▪️14 countries will import at least 2 mln tonnes of #soybeans
▪️#Brazil's export share will rise to a record 52%

We are happy to announce a new release of Sitagri For Excel add-in. Unleash the best of your Mircosoft #Excel dashboards! This new version offers new features designed to better #commodity players with Excel files automation.

📌🌄#MorningBriefing The markets closed slightly lower with operators awaiting this evening’s WASDE report. #Wheat slightly lower, #corn and #soybeans stable this morning on Globex. Read more

📌🌄#MorningBriefing Soybeans dropped, penalized again by the US/China trade war. The operators are not particularly optimistic about the talks between the two countries and an issue to the conflict next weekend at the G20 summit in Argentina. Read more:

📌🌄#MorningBriefing The markets resumed trading after the Thanksgiving holiday. #Corn lost ~1%, impacted by the options expiry. #Soybeans and #wheat remained rather stable. Another crude oil drop weighed on the markets. Read more:

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FinanceAgri helps improve your market-awareness thanks to regular technical reports.
For nearly a decade, our daily technical analysis have been helping market players in making their everyday strategic decisions… [Read more]

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