As a commodity professional, you need to stay ahead of the pack.
You need a clear, consolidated worldwide view in a highly fragmented market. You need to know where the flow is.

Determined to revolutionize the information market by shifting the paradigm from a technical to a customer-oriented solution, FinanceAgri has completely redesigned its information platforms by focusing on product usability, accessibility, simplicity whilst simultaneously improving reactivity, security, modularity and mobility.

Our team of senior developers has laboured for nearly two years and the result is SitagriPro Infinite –  a truly impressive product of engineering. Marketed as a Software-as-a-Service, SitagriPro requires absolutely no installation and is accessible from any machine, any browser, any operating system ( Windows, Mac, Linux etc). Being a service, the software is always up-to-date whatever the platform, freeing the customer from the entanglement of IT and allowing them to remain focused on their core business.

 SitagriPro Infinite


SitagriPro has a customer-acclaimed user interface that is extremely intuitive, being entirely configurable and then accessible from any machine. Built upon a solid modular architecture, SitagriPro is designed to support diverse plug-ins and features according to various customer needs. SitagriPro exploits the latest web technologies, combining highly efficient usage of network resources to instant reactivity.

Applying ergonomics and efficiency, SitagriPro Infinite simplifies the access to real-time and historical data critical for professionals: market quotations, news updates, graphs, calculations –  all data being exportable in a CSV format. SitagriPro Infinite then completes the picture by featuring expert analysis to help the customer navigate the market place and a data-center bringing marketing terms and definitions to the tips of his fingers.

Powerful charts system

Quotes on Futures commodities (BMD, CME, Euronext, CPO, MDEX, KCBOT, etc.)
Forex and forwards
Real time news with Dow Jones and Sitagri
Physical market over more than 400 places (Europe and Asia)
Export on Excel data sheet

Reliable security system
Fully customizable, simple and user friendly interface!
No installation required, only a web browser is needed



SitagriMobile Infinite


Fast and accurate. Follow the markets 24/7 and navigate easily thanks to the search engine. BMD, CME, Euronext, CPO, MDEX, KCBOT,Forex and physical markets updated with an innovative push method.

Easy-to-use and customizable, the portfolio is designed to offer you the best and most efficient way to see the markets. So you’ll never lose a deal!

SitagriMobile Infinite introduces the live news feed including Dow Jones News,
AFP and Sitagri News.

+ Optimal reading (portrait or landscape mode)
+ Customizable interface
+ Intuitive navigation

Go now to SitagriMobile Infinite on: or download the application.

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