Risk management

Today, the commodity industry has to face global economic risks due to internal and external environments that are beyond immediate control. As a result, trading and volatility hedging present opportunities to be exploited on a daily basis.

Trust our experts to refine your daily strategies:

+ Advice from our team of qualified experts
+ Daily reports : technical analysis
+ Unlimited access to our hotline during the trading session
+ Optimization of hedging strategies


Technical analysis

Euronext & CME
Euronext analyzes are published every day, before 9:30am and before 2pm for CME.

The first analysis of the day includes a morning briefing with the main developments of agricultural and non-agricultural markets (financial, oil, currencies).
Each analysis consists of an explanatory chart,  short, medium and long term market trends,  buying and selling indicators and the predicted going rate.
Our expert then discusses in more detail the levels of support and resistance and key technical indicators.
Finally, the comment of the day gives a precise overview of expected developments and general recommendations for the session.